Go to your family doctor or
neighbourhood general
practitioner (GP) if:


  • you are feeling only mildly or moderately sick
  • you have common medical conditions like colds, small cuts or stomach ache
  • it is not an emergency

If your GP thinks you should go to the A&E at Changi General Hospital (CGH), he or she may refer you through the GPFirst Scheme* and you could get a $50 subsidy** on the current A&E attendance fee.

* The scheme is open only to participating
GP Clinics in Eastern Singapore.

** Terms and Conditions apply for the subsidy. Please see below.

* Participating Clinics
The GPFirst Scheme is available only at participating GP Clinics in Eastern Singapore.

Click Here for the list of participating clinics

** Important Terms and Conditions for GPFirst Scheme


  1. This scheme and the subsidy are only applicable at Changi General Hospital A&E.

  2. This scheme is open only to participating
    GP Clinics in eastern Singapore. (Click here for the list of participating clinics.)

  3. The original GPFirst Referral Form must be produced together with the Patient's
    NRIC / Passport / Work Passes, at the point of registration at CGH A&E.

  4. The programme is subject to change
    without prior notice.


For general enquiries
and feedback, please call
6788 8833