• What is the GPFirst programme?

    GPFirst is a programme started by Changi General Hospital (CGH) and the Eastern Health Alliance (EHA) in partnership with participating general practitioners (GPs) in Eastern Singapore.

    Its aim is to educate patients that:

    they should see their family doctor or GPs first if they are suffering only mild or moderate symptoms or non-urgent conditions

    they should visit the hospital's Accident & Emergency (A&E) only in situations where immediate attention is needed to prevent death or serious complications, e.g. heart attack or stroke
  • Does the fee under the scheme cover all investigations including specialized investigations required at CGH A&E?

  • How does GPFirst benefit patients?

  • Will CGH A&E reject patients if they have been referred inappropriately?

  • Is GPFirst applicable to Permanent Residents and Foreigners?

  • Will patients referred by Polyclinic enjoy GPFirst?

  • Is GPFirst applicable to CHAS patients, even though they have already received subsidized care at GP clinics?

  • How does CGH A&E identify patients referred under GPFirst?

  • Can patients from areas outside the eastern cluster consult GPs participating in GPFirst and qualify for its benefits?

  • Can patients be referred to the A&E in other hospitals under GPFirst?

  • How much would I be charged at the Participating Clinics?

  • Are there leaflets providing the necessary information about GPFirst?

  • Will this scheme be introduced Nationwide?